Time To Ski

image: @thesharoncheung
Did you know that our entire range of sunglasses come standard with polarised lenses? Famous for their ability to reduce visible glare, polarised lenses are preferred by many outdoor enthusiasts, drivers and those who spend lots of time near water. 
Although polarised lenses increase visibility, they are not recommended for snow sports (e.g. skiing and snowboarding) as wearing them can block reflective light off ice that alerts the wearer of upcoming hazards.
If you’re heading to the snow this weekend, our polarised sunglasses are a welcome addition at your morning mountain checks, midday drinks and afternoons by the outdoor camp fire. 
For a list of our long weekend trading hours, see below:
Riccarton / 10am - 6pm
Wellington / 10am - 4pm
Ponsonby / 11am - 5pm

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