How Not to Lose Your Glasses on NYE

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You're on a cruise

It’s hot. The ocean breeze is freshest when you lean just a little bit over the railing. The sunglasses were a bit loose and one gust later, a dolphin is wearing them. You won’t be getting those back.

Come in to any Bailey Nelson over the Christmas period for a free adjustment of your specs. We’ll make sure they’re fitting snug – not too tight, but not too loose.

Harbour Cruise

Blue Mountains

It’s a good day for a hike

There’s barely any haze left over the Blue Mountains and the sun is baring down. You were so sure that you packed your sunnies for this trip, but they’re just not in your bag.

You step out of the tent and… the world cools down as your glasses automatically tint to a soft blue.

Transition lenses, which transform from optical glasses to sunglasses on contact with bright light, are available in almost all Bailey Nelson frames. You can pick up a set at any of our boutiques. 

You wake up. It was a great night, probably

You had your sunnies safely in your bag before this started playing, but then… who knows.
Chalk that one up to an occupational hazard. There are some risks we can’t help with. Swing by your nearest boutique for a new set.

If your health fund resets on December 31, it might not even be a bad thing that you lost your old pair to Corey Hart’s banger: after all, it’s your money or theirs.

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