Meet The Team Vol. 3

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What’s your name? 

 Madeline (Maddy/ Mads) Mortiaux

Tell us a bit about where you work. 

 I manage the Bailey Nelson Ponsonby Boutique in Auckland. The store is beautifully designed and laid out, with a touch of rustic charm, tying in with surrounding buildings and hotspots in Ponsonby. I absolutely love my store, my team and all the amazing customers I have met along the way.

 When did you join the BN family?

 I joined BN 370 days ago to be exact! One year in and I am absolutely having a blast. I have come from a retail background but something about BN caught my eye. It’s a unique opportunity to work in an optical environment that not only has flair, funk and class but also beautiful products and a strong ethos about changing the eyewear industry.

Outside of work, what defines you?

I love to be on the edge of my seat and out of my comfort bubble – only last weekend I decided to jump off the Auckland Sky tower... and I'm weirdly scared of heights.

Why do I do what I do? I have no idea. Perhaps it’s because I was brought up in a houseful of very strong-minded girls, or because of where I’ve lived. I spent a few high school years in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands (where I went through 5 cyclones in a row), then lived in the Emirates when I was 18 and have gotten through several major earthquakes back home.

I really believe that the world is full of opportunities to take advantage of! So, if I'm not seeking out the latest beach, running track, surf spot or market, I'm creating new artworks, making some kind of Pinterest craft (I'm addicted) or seeking out something new.

Sounds like art is important to you. Do you have a favourite local artist?

I’m secretly an artist myself, having gone through Fine Arts. I dabble in mixed media works and I’ve been luck enough to have created and sold a lot of my own pieces. My work is primarily themed around the Christchurch earthquakes, Cook Islands politics and travel. 

Through my own art, I’ve built a strong connection to a lot of New Zealand artists. I am constantly drawn to artists that can master the detail within their works to create an emotional outburst for the viewer. My all-time favourite artist is C. Goldie – I could sit in front of one of his works for hours and still be blown away by how much skill he had.

What’s your favourite BN frame? What would they be like if they were a person?

The Emma. They’re a sleek cat eye styled frame that is bold, chic and very 50's. The Emmas represent a woman who is fashionable, elegant, and classy, but doesn't mind making a statement or to stepping out in the crowd. I think the tortoiseshell colourway is great to wear with pride and confidence.

Visit Maddy and the team at our Ponsonsby boutique here

Photography by Emily Powell.

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