Style Guide : Browline Glasses

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Designed to mimic natural eyebrow shapes, the aptly named browline can be identified by a thick upper section (usually made of acetate), thin metal lens rims and a matching nose bridge.

Invented by Jack Rohrbach in 1947, browline glasses were a prominent feature in Hollywood films and television through the 1950’s, and by the end of the decade made up half of eyewear sales in the USA. 

The style was quickly adopted by famous figures including Hollywood icon Burt Lancaster, KFC founder Colonel Sanders, former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson and civil rights activist Malcolm X (in fact many people still refer to browlines as “Malcolm X glasses”).

Over the past few years mid-century and vintage inspired designs have experienced a renaissance. Favoured for their mix of materials, notable craftsmanship and overall timeless appearance, browlines are now one of the most revered optical and sunglass styles. Some of BN's personal favourites include:

The Bronte, our first browline design that is available in a smaller 52mm and larger 54mm eye size.


The Archimedes, an elegant and feminine take on browline sunglasses.


The Nielsen, a luxurious browline style hand crafted in steel.





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